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World Backup Day

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Brothers and sisters, you may not have heard of World Backup Day, but verily I say unto thee that it's a day you should remember if you want to make sure the data on your home and work computers is safe.

World Back Up Day falls on March 31 of every year, and it's a day when we who are called to spread the gospel of backup are duty-bound to remind individuals that they should be backing up the data on their computers. Otherwise, as surely as I'm the Backup Nut, their data will be forever lost on that fateful day when their computers crash or are infected with evil viruses. And dear brothers and sisters, because this "holiday" is fairly new and the time is short, it is our duty to spread the word to those who are still lost. Can I get an amen?


What Is World Backup Day?

World Backup Day was founded in 2011, glory be, so it hasn't been around for very long. This means many people are still wandering around in the dark, having never even heard of it. The March 31st date was chosen because it's the day before April 1st, which we all know as April Fool's Day, dear brothers and sisters. March 31st is therefore a warning to us -- a prophecy, I say -- of what will happen to "fools" who fail to back up their home and work computers.


Why Should You Backup Your Computer?

Why lose memories? Back them up online.

Dear brothers and sisters, when you save files and store data on your computer, you verily are putting a lot of trust in a piece of hardware. You're entrusting your information to a machine! If your computer system crashes, is infected with a malicious virus from the pit of hell, or falls victim to some other calamity, your data will verily be lost to perdition as well. Yes, sometimes it can be recovered -- usually at very great cost -- sometimes it will be lost forever; and there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth on that fateful day.

So dear brothers and sisters, verily I say unto thee that if you want to protect your data from getting lost for all of eternity, it is commanded of you that you have a backup plan, and that you use it regularly. You never know when a thief may strike, and you could use all those precious photos of your family vacation, your child's first steps, or your maiden Aunt Betty, before she shaved off her mustache. Can I get an amen, dear brethren?


Tips for Backing Up Your Computer

Dear brothers and sisters, if you are ready to join the flock, embrace the "holiday," and start backing up your irreplaceable data, you need to learn how to do it effectively. Here are some suggestions for safely backing up your data so you can recover it on the fateful day when some evil befalls your computer.

In summary, dear flock, keeping your computer safe means more than just protecting it from attacks by the evil forces of cyberspace. If you want to make sure all your data is safe, then verily I exhort thee to back it up regularly. Do it now, dear Brethren, because the time is short. Don't wait until your computer crashes, and you feel like a fool. Participate in World Backup Day and take a stand against hardware failures, operation system crashes, and the evildoers of the computer age.


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